Exhibition of Pierre BANCHEREAU / AKATRE STUDIO – Design Parade Toulon 2018

At the beginning the concept of immortalising bouquets seemed difficult but with this project a new concept was born with the studio AKATRE. For this installationthe colaboration was very natural and this video responded o the photografy of Martin Parr.

DEBEAULIEU Christmas wreaths at the Villa Rose

Christmas wreaths are one of our specialities.

All year long we dry different kind of flowers to make a very special wreath mixing flowers and colours.

You can find our wreaths “ Marie-Madeleine” at the Villa Rose, 84 rue d’Amsterdam 75009 for the Pop-up ” Merry Christmas Gifts & Puddings” from November  23rd to December.

“Bouquets” ( Novemer 2017)

The exhibition of photography “Bouquets” was born with the mix of the work of Pierre Banchereau and the photographer  Benjamin Henon.

The result of this exhibition was presented at the villa Rose.