At 19 rue Victor Massé 9e, our boutique celebrates plants and objects, DEBEAULIEU’s identity.

A winter garden, halfway between the expression of French garden classicism, walls covered with trellises, a dreamlike fresco by Jacques MERLE give the place a certain poetry.ㅤ

At once inspired by English romanticism imitating nature's wild side and chic and relaxed Mediterranean style.

Ever more present in our interiors, plants have become a key decorative element. Let yourself be transported and guided through this garden of singular and seasonal plants.

Invite nature into your home.

From the most flowery to the greenest, from the fruitiest to the most webbed, find a diversified proposal full of surprises, signed DEBEAULIEU.

Vases, planters, decorative objects and plants intertwine in this enchanting garden. These thousand and one vintage objects mingle with the contemporary collaborations we regularly undertake. 

The object has always been staged alongside our plants and bouquets - both sublimating each other. The selection is unique and heterogeneous, sweeping across all eras.

Tableware, cushions, lighting, small furniture, Pierre BANCHEREAU and his team find you and select very beautiful unique pieces.

A planting project? Looking for a particular plant? A question about plant care?

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