DEBEAULIEU grows and expands with a second shop that puts plants and nature in the spotlight.

At 19 Rue Victor Massé, it is a celebration of the identity of DEBEAULIEU.

A winter garden, halfway between the expression of the classicism of the French gardens, the walls covered with trellises offer the place balance and symmetry.

The inspiration of an English romanticism, which imitates nature and its wild side, mixing to this order a certain poetry.

The echo of a chic and relaxed Mediterranean style, a promise of sea, sun and relaxation.

Ever more present in our interiors, the plant has become a key element in the decoration.

Like bouquets, it enhances the interiors and brings well-being.

Let yourself be transported and guided in this garden signed DEBEAULIEU where the place is left to an expansion of nature, made of a unique selection of plants over the seasons, in order to find inspiration and invite nature to your home.

We pay special attention to quality and value
of our products. It is a sustainable and trusting work with our producers, against intensive cultivation.

Like our flowers, we strive to impose and engage with a culture
reasoned, to offer plants of the best quality. Choosing a DEBEAULIEU plant is the guarantee of an exceptional product.

As a tailor-made piece, we invite you to come and meet our plants to find the one that suits you, guided by our team that ensures a complete accompaniment, armed with maintenance advice and expertise to respond to all your requests and desires. .

Of all sizes and all looks, from the most flowery to the most green, from the most fruity to the most palmate - find here a diversified and singular proposal of the house DEBEAULIEU, full of surprises.

With always, a unique collection of hide-pots and a whole selection of objects and decoration to discover in the shop.

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