DEBEAULIEU, a family history, a legacy

In November 2013, I opened a flower shop located in 30 rue Henry Monnier, at the junction of the intellectual 97ème arrondissement and the hedonist Pigalle area.

Our artistic DNA is to suggest the encounter between intemporality and modernity and new associations of plants and colours.

Thus, I like to restore forgotten flowers, rediscover some varieties with a different eye and also collide them with more contemporary elements.

My team and I wish to give a reinterpretation of the classical arrangements spontaneously, we play with their shapes, their generosity mingling strange, surprising, little known as well as disused, recoloured flowers.
The perception, the atmosphere, the ambiance of the scenery are at the core of our creative process.

This passion for flowers and houseplants combines with interior design passion.

In the shop and on our website, you will find a selection of varied, ancient, contemporary vases and jars, they are timeless items, from the expensive 19th century to the graphic of the 1980° design.

In 2017, we opened a workshop, a creation studio where we design decors and events before their final creation by our team of florist aritsans.

We have multiple appearances but they are like one.
Florist, designer, set designer, artistic director, I analyse a need an environment and its situation. Each project is a unique piece. They express made-to-measure scenes, imagined with attentiveness and emotion.
Hybrid, this is how we may qualify our studio and flower shop, a true modern cabinet of curiosities. We invite you to come and meet us.

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